ABC TV series How to Get Away with Murder will return on January 29 for its 10th episode.

This night also marks the start of the end of the hit drama series. HTGAWM was only ordered to have 15 episodes. Well, you are assured that each episode will be satisfying. Each night leading to the season’s finale will be amazing. There are still more than one month before the finale but Viola Davis, who stars as Annalise Keating, already provided their fans a How To Get Away With Murder episode guide, as in how you will guide your heart in each scene.

Talking to E! News, Davis said that people should be ready for scenes that they have never seen before on network TV.

“I will say that there are certain scenes that you’ve never seen on network TV,” said the 49-year old actress who has an upcoming film Blackhat along side Chris Hemsworth.

One striking word from her ‘How To Get Away With Murder episode guide’, err, health guide, is ‘provocative.’

“See, people always go to the baring of the skin. See, that’s just not going to happen…that’s not even going to happen if we weren’t on network TV,” she says. “But I will say there are things that are very, very provocative.”

But of course, before the season finale, fans will have to deal first on the aftermath of the murder night. Here is your How To Get Away With Murder episode guide. The last episode, called Kill Me! Kill Me! Kill Me! Kill Me! revealed that it was Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) who killed Sam (Tom Verica). He was just trying to defend his girlfriend Rebecca (Katie Findlay) but then things got out of hand. The more shocking about this is that Davis is aware of everything and it seems she is keen to protect her students all the way.