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Fans need to wait a little longer before “How to Get Away with Murder” returns with new riveting episodes on ABC.

Things will be really interesting once the show returns from its mid-season break. Secrets will be exposed, questions will be answered and a murderer will be exposed. As TV Guide reported, “Gone are the flash-forwards! But series creator Peter Nowalk teases that certain episodes will ‘play with time.'”

“The final six episodes will not only focus on Rebecca’s trial, during which Lila’s murderer will be revealed, but it will deal with the fallout of the Keating 4’s deadly deed, and Annalise and Wes’ little secret,” the report continued.

And as for the characters, Nowalk explained that they will be dealing with major paranoia.

“The big thing that bleeds through all the characters is their paranoia in the next few episodes, and who knows what. ‘Am I being played?'” Nowalk says. “The distrust is running high. At the same time, they have to rely on each other more than ever.”

Apart from finally shedding light into the murders that happend, new “How to Get Away with Murder” spoilers suggest new cast members when the show returns on January.

Emmy winner Cicely Tyson is reportedly joining the cast. Not much has been said about her role, but many are speculating that it will be a crucial part in the series. Some are even saying that she might play Annalise’s mother. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Apart from Tyson, speculations arose that Marcia Gay Harden will also be joining the cast as what people believe to be Tom’s ex-wife.

“How to Get Away with Murder” returns Jan. 29, 2015 with episode 10.