In Katie Findlay’s mind, submitting to an interview about ABC’s freshman smashHow to Get Away With Murder is almost as stressful as watching the show itself.

“I’ve got the Shondaland FBI undercover flower van in the back of my head all the time — watching me and making sure that I don’t ruin plot lines,” the actress says with a chuckle, while trying not to give away too much intel about tonight’s pre-winter finale installment (10/9c on ABC).

Findlay plays the enigmatic drug dealer being defended by Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating for the murder of coed Lila Stangard. You’d think that would put her in the know, but the actress explains that, like viewers, she only learns how her character factors into the twisty drama’s two central homicides when she receives her scripts each week.

While not being privy to Rebecca’s ultimate end game can be challenging, Findlay says it also frees her to be more present in every scene she shoots. “In real life, you don’t always know what’s going to happen, and you’re not constantly prepared,” she explains. “So, I decided that Rebecca moves through the world solely for herself — not selfishly or maliciously or out of cruelty — but just because that is the way that she learned to survive.”

Does that mean the character is capable of strangling a pretty young student and dumping her body in a water tank? Or bashing the dead student’s married lover (aka Annalise’s hubby) over the head with a bronze statue? “When I think about whether or not she could’ve done these things, I think about a person who was taught that the world is out to get her,” reasons Findlay. “I think about what you could be capable of if you’re a highly emotional person who also is used to being victimized and hurt and shut out. There’s a really wide range of possibility in terms of that.”

TVLine caught up with Findlay to dish Rebecca’s twisted romance with law student Wes, her unlikely friendship with Lila, her recent showdown with disgraced cop Nate and a possible, unexpected connection with Annalise’s right-hand woman Bonnie.

TVLINE | ABC’s promos have already warned us that this week’s episode will offer a version of events “straight from the dead, pregnant, sorority girl’s mouth.” And we know Lila was friends with Rebecca. How much interaction can we expect to see between the two?

You will definitely see some — not a small amount for sure. And as the person playing Rebecca, I was very surprised by what the dynamic revealed itself to be. I did not expect it to feel or play out quite the way that it did.

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