We have added x screencaps of Katie in the final 5 episodes of How to Get Away with Murder … (SPOILER ALERT!)

x052 s01e10 “Hello Raskolnikov” Screencaps
x077 s01e11 “Best Christmas Ever” Screencaps
x046 s01e12 “She’s a Murderer” Screencaps
x024 s01e13 “Mama’s Here Now” Screencaps
x0227 s01e14 “The Night Lila Died” Screencaps
x234 s01e15 “It’s All My Fault” Screencaps

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Katie attend the SCAD Presents aTVfest Awards Presentation for ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ on February 7, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Katie attended the NAACP Image Awards on Feb 6th along with the rest of the cast – and they did win Outstanding Drama Series – yey! We have added x46 photos of the star looking absolutely beautiful. You can also watch a video, HERE of her Liza and talking about HTGAWM.

Loyal fans of “How to Get Away With Murder” aren’t the only ones delighting in the shocking twists and turns of the tense serial.

Canadian star Katie Findlay says she, too, is revelling in the show’s wild plot developments as the two-hour finale nears. And with heat intensifying for everyone involved in the murder of philandering university professor Sam Keating, Findlay resolutely assures fans: “Everything gets much worse.” The lithe brunette, who plays trouble-prone goth girl Rebecca Sutter on the dark drama, says these remaining episodes are all about hardbitten defence lawyer Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, scrambling to save herself and her guilty students.

“This half of the season is Annalise in damage control, like major major damage control,” Findlay notes in a recent interview from her apartment in Vancouver.

“And even among the kids, none of the previous alliances or discomfort or tensions are really allowed to matter any more. So they still exist, and everyone’s uncomfortable, but they sort of have to try to put it aside as much as possible and that ends up blowing things up even more.”

Desperation certainly seems to have set in for Keating and the Keating 5.

Thursday’s episode ended with Annalise planting evidence that suggested her lover Nate (played by Billy Brown) was involved in Sam’s death. Meanwhile, her anxious law students are increasingly unhinged by the investigation, as well as stunned at the lengths Annalise will go to protect them.

“These back episodes sort of turn into a psychodrama because the ideas of a lot of things start to sort of eat away at the kids and at Annalise,” says Findlay.

“So things that seemed relatively harmless before sort of become brainworms and burrow in there and start to disturb everyone or make everyone paranoid.”

Then there’s the matter of Lila Stangard’s murder. Findlay says the night of her death will be revealed soon, including Rebecca’s role.

“This whole situation with Lila and what went down has kind of been ground zero for Rebecca because if you remember in the pilot, we find her shortly after all this stuff happens,” she says.

“She was dealing with this before Wes even met her in the hallway. So yeah, you will get to see a little bit of how Rebecca factors in and what went down.”

After wrapping the season late last month, Findlay says she’s now enjoying some downtime in Vancouver, which she still considers home. Although the series shoots in Los Angeles, the 24-year-old says she’s resisted making an official move to Hollywood, considering herself to be “just super, super Canadian.”

“I’ve never not lived in Canada so I have my apartment in Vancouver as more of a safety blanket. Even though I’m hardly ever here, it’s really nice to come back to.”
“How to Get Away with Murder” airs Thursdays on CTV and ABC.

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Alfie Enoch and Katie Findlay pair up on the red carpet while attending Entertainment Weekly’s 2015 SAG Nominees Celebration held at the Chateau Marmont on Saturday evening (January 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The two stars were joined at the event by their How to Get Away with Murder co-stars Aja Naomi King, Karla Souza, and Matt McGorry.

We have added x10 pics to the gallery …

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The beautiful Katie Findlay attended the 16th Annual Warner Bros And InStyle Post Golden Globe Party last night (Jan 11th) we have added x08 photos (and more when we find them!).

Unfortunately Voila Davis did not win at the Golden Globes last night, the award went to Ruth Wilson for The Affair.


ABC TV series How to Get Away with Murder will return on January 29 for its 10th episode.

This night also marks the start of the end of the hit drama series. HTGAWM was only ordered to have 15 episodes. Well, you are assured that each episode will be satisfying. Each night leading to the season’s finale will be amazing. There are still more than one month before the finale but Viola Davis, who stars as Annalise Keating, already provided their fans a How To Get Away With Murder episode guide, as in how you will guide your heart in each scene.

Talking to E! News, Davis said that people should be ready for scenes that they have never seen before on network TV.

“I will say that there are certain scenes that you’ve never seen on network TV,” said the 49-year old actress who has an upcoming film Blackhat along side Chris Hemsworth.

One striking word from her ‘How To Get Away With Murder episode guide’, err, health guide, is ‘provocative.’

“See, people always go to the baring of the skin. See, that’s just not going to happen…that’s not even going to happen if we weren’t on network TV,” she says. “But I will say there are things that are very, very provocative.”

But of course, before the season finale, fans will have to deal first on the aftermath of the murder night. Here is your How To Get Away With Murder episode guide. The last episode, called Kill Me! Kill Me! Kill Me! Kill Me! revealed that it was Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) who killed Sam (Tom Verica). He was just trying to defend his girlfriend Rebecca (Katie Findlay) but then things got out of hand. The more shocking about this is that Davis is aware of everything and it seems she is keen to protect her students all the way.


Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to Viola Davis for her win last night at the Peoples Choice Awards!

Fans need to wait a little longer before “How to Get Away with Murder” returns with new riveting episodes on ABC.

Things will be really interesting once the show returns from its mid-season break. Secrets will be exposed, questions will be answered and a murderer will be exposed. As TV Guide reported, “Gone are the flash-forwards! But series creator Peter Nowalk teases that certain episodes will ‘play with time.'”

“The final six episodes will not only focus on Rebecca’s trial, during which Lila’s murderer will be revealed, but it will deal with the fallout of the Keating 4’s deadly deed, and Annalise and Wes’ little secret,” the report continued.

And as for the characters, Nowalk explained that they will be dealing with major paranoia.

“The big thing that bleeds through all the characters is their paranoia in the next few episodes, and who knows what. ‘Am I being played?'” Nowalk says. “The distrust is running high. At the same time, they have to rely on each other more than ever.”

Apart from finally shedding light into the murders that happend, new “How to Get Away with Murder” spoilers suggest new cast members when the show returns on January.

Emmy winner Cicely Tyson is reportedly joining the cast. Not much has been said about her role, but many are speculating that it will be a crucial part in the series. Some are even saying that she might play Annalise’s mother. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Apart from Tyson, speculations arose that Marcia Gay Harden will also be joining the cast as what people believe to be Tom’s ex-wife.

“How to Get Away with Murder” returns Jan. 29, 2015 with episode 10.

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How to Get Away with Murder is up for Favorite New TV Drama, and Voila Davis is up for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series tonight at the Peoples Choice Awards. It’s unknown if Katie will be attending, but we sure hope she does. Either way, Good Luck HTGAWM! You can watch the show live with us, below. The full nominations list can be found, here.

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Even with all the fun distractions of the holiday season keeping us occupied, it’s hard not miss our favorite shows when they go on winter hiatus, and if you’re a fan of all three Shonda Rhimes-produced series that make up ABC’s incredibly successful TGIT lineup, it must be extremely difficult, especially since it’s been over a month since Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder went off the air and another four weeks of waiting still remains. However, ABC understands fans’ pain and wants them to know that the network is here for them, that they’re not alone in their “TGIT withdrawal,” which is caused by “OMG deficiency in the brain.” That’s why it put out this fantastic promo on New Year’s Eve to let everyone know that it will be okay—your favorite shows are coming back sooner than you think.

In the very funny video, stars from Grey’s, Scandal, and HTGAWM (there really wasn’t a shorter title option for this show?) “dance it out” as they also await the return of ABC’s TGIT lineup. Everyone from Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sara Ramirez and Kevin McKidd to Scandal‘s Katie Lowes and Scott Foley appear, as they drink wine and pour popcorn onto each other’s heads, and to be honest, it’s nice change to actually see these actors smiling and lauhing, since none of their shows require them to do too much of that, due to the all the “OMG” moments that these three dramas are known for.

Check out the promo for yourself below and make sure to tune in for the return of the TGIT lineup when Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder all return on Thursday, Jan. 29, beginning at 8 p.m. on ABC.

We have added x150 screencaps of Katie as Rebecca in How to Get Away with Murder s01e09 “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” – the winter finale. Thats right, no more HTGAWM until 2015 … boo! Check out this nice article all about the finale and whats to come.

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