Name: KatieFindlay.Org
Opened: October 2014
By: Jess

Who started this site?
Jessica, a girl from England. I live with my boyfriend and two cats in a small seaside town.

Because Katie appears in three of my favorite shows, The Killing, The Carrie Diaries and How to Get Away with Murder. By the time HTGAWM aired in October I searched around for more info on Katie but found that apart from imdb – there was very little, no fansite. So I made one. Shes a very talented actress that has a lot of fans so I thought I would bring together a community.

How much time does it take to manage?
Every morning I’ll do a little search for news on Katie, if I find something I post it. So not long, about half an hour every day or two.

Do you have any other fansites?
Yes, I have a few. Head over to my collective here to view my others.

Do you need any help?
Sure! I always need help managing fansites, if you have any clippings, scans, screencaps or general info on Katie please let us know. If you are interested in becoming a co-web also drop us a line.

How do you power the site?
Its hosted at and runs on WordPress and Coppermine platforms.

What’s your favorite Katie role?
Rebecca! HTGAWM is great!